Areas of Expertise

Passion and knowledge. For textiles and logistics.

We know that textiles require particularly careful handling. It is for this reason that all our services are committed on high-performance transport chain solutions and expertise in logistics.

This expertise does not just cover quality and reliability, but also being able to communicate with our customers face to face.

We are pleased to offer you further details of our unique approach and underlying objectives. Speed, range and flexibility are further defining characteristics of our customer service.

Certifications by independent auditing bodies are also on hand to testify to the excellence of what we do.

Textile services without borders

FashionCargo is now able to offer customized transport solutions across Portugal, Spain and France and throughout the rest of Europe with great success.

With a highly qualified team of specialists at its disposal, the organization offers top standards of quality with clear and transparent shipment documentation procedures and point-to-point delivery of textile products throughout Europe.

Where the European market is concerned, FashionCargo offers you a whole range of advantages tailored to the specific requirements of the textile industry: Transparent pricing structure, fixed delivery times, low insurance premiums and real-time information regarding shipment status (barcode-based).

No stop-and-go; just a permanent green light

The delivery times of our transport routes are subject to frequent evaluation. The use of “traffic light” analyses shows those in charge the extent to which established objectives are being met.

Whatever all our internal evaluations and figures show, statistics cannot measure your actual satisfaction with us.

FashionCargo offers a systematic approach to quality

Service providers are often indistinguishable to customers, as it is the customer who defines the service in question. But FashionCargo stands out thanks to its high standards of quality.

It is not enough for us to have a perfectly tuned logistics network at our disposal; we also guarantee quality, backed up by an ability to verify that the promised service has actually been delivered.

That’s why FashionCargo operates an outstanding system of quality assurance of many years standing.

The scanning-in of information at each interface point ensures not only the seamless tracking of shipments; it also supplies the data required to provide a maximum degree of transparency.

Thanks to this open system, the customer can check the current location and successful receipt of each consignment via the corresponding webpage and verifying that services are being delivered as promised.

Quality management and control are both subject to ongoing further development.

Quality is verified constantly on the basis of permanent evaluation of various key factors and regular audits at all depots.

These audits are carried out by employees who know the system inside out. This allows know-how transfer to take place within the FashionCargo system, as well, thereby raising quality awareness.


Our expertise lies on linking textiles and logistics

Fast, secure, safe and reliable: When it comes to fashion logistics, we know what matters. We support the fashion-logistics sector proactively using a tried-and-tested approach combined with new developments.

Safety and security with FashionCargo

Safety and security refers to the protection of life and limb, and also of goods, buildings, handling yards, vehicles and transfer points.

Our guiding principle is that NO employee may suffer harm of any kind and that our customers goods must have the best possible protection.

With these objectives in mind, FashionCargo has implemented comprehensive safety and security measures in all its areas of activity.