FashionCargo focuses on fashion world.

We provide efficient and comprehensive logistics plus distribution services to the retail sector mainly across Europe and offer customers global transportation possibilities. FashionCargo’s flexible network is the most complete and extensive of its kind in Europe.
It includes a ‘hub & spoke’ distribution network with strict monitoring in every country where Garment-On-Hanger and customized cartons are processed for delivery.
Our network offers plenty of space for the specific nature and requirements of our customers.

We're looking for a better World

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 17 trees produce on average 907kg of cardboard; Cardboard experts and statistical analysts determined that for this value 1915.6 m² of cardboard is produced; From these calculations we can obtain the total amount of boxes produced by one tree and effectively choose the most sustainable packaging for transportation.

We don't use cardboard boxes. We care about our Planet.


The network is managed centrally in order to ensure continuity of services in all countries and regions and offer customers a central logistics solution for the entire European market.


The activities of FashionCargo include warehouse storage, pick and pack and pre-retail services for retail, wholesale and business to consumer (B2C) processes for a special service.


FashionCargo is headquartered in Porto, Portugal. We have warehouses throughout the Iberian Peninsula and we make distributions of fashion products across the Europe.

What can we do for you?

We can support the collections and deliveries of manufacturers on a national and international scale. Additionally, we handle all aspects of the distribution process, including transportation between shops, manage recalls and the replenishment of stores.

In the area of logistics services FashionCargo helps customers on the integrated supply chain management.

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